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Logos are an important piece of your business, and probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about branding, but a logo on its own really ain't worth much. We tend to get caught up on logos because they're what flash to mind when we think of other brands we admire of aspire to emulate. But the thoughts and feelings you have about those brands didn't just happen, they were the result of careful research, strategic thinking, and creative muscle -- and that's what branding is all about.

Brand plays a huge role in the average person's decision to book, buy, enroll or inquire. Brand creates a connection at every interaction. Brand communicates who you are, what you're all about, and why you're worth taking that next step.

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Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy is a guiding light that you'll refer back to again and again as your business grows. Why are you doing what you're doing? What is your vision for the future? And what's the mission that drives it all? These answers will inform not only the marketing "face" of your brand, but will also factor into decision-making and planning as you grow.

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Logo Design

The piece de resistence, the logo is what everyone's always after. But let's make your logo work harder for you, by working smarter. We'll design a logo that embodies the strategy, personality and aesthetic behind your brand, so the end result is truly unique, meticulously considered, and (of course) beautifully executed.

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Brand Identity

If you're leaning on your logo to let people know who you are, it's time to level up. Colour, pattern/texture, typography, photography, tone of voice and a suite of badges/icons will reinforce brand trust and recognition at every. Single. Touchpoint.

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Style Guide

A brand style guide is a sort of "digital rulebook" that lays out the rules and guidelines for every aspect of your brand. Apart from being shared with partners and outside agencies, a style guide will also be a handy tool for internal use, to ensure your brand is applied consistently over time and between team members.

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It's all in the process

All good brands are informed by good strategy, and all good strategy is based on a solid foundation of insight, research and competitive analysis. I work in sprints to focus all my energy into your project, from start to finish, while delivering you results in the shortest timeframe possible.

How it works
Step One

Consultation Call

First things first, let's get on a call or grab a coffee. This is where I can get to know you, your business, your goals and any pain points you may be feeling, walk you through the branding process, and answer any questions you might have.
Step Two

Strategy Roadmap

In this step, I'll combine insights into you and your business, research of the industry and target audience, and competitive analysis, and identify opportunities for your brand to differentiate itself, foster connection with your audience, and guide you in future endeavours and decisions.

Logo & Visual Identity

Here's the fun part. Now that you've got a solid strategy, let's translate that into something visual. This doesn't stop at the logo. We'll identify typography, photographic style, graphic elements and tone of voice so that every touchpoint with your brand plays into your strategy and feels like you.
Step Four

Style Guide

Now that you have a visual identity for your brand, let's outline how it's to be used, dos and don'ts, and guidelines to help you continue to present yourself consistently moving forward.

Bringing it to Life

Let's make this shit real. In this step, we implement everything we've built into real-world applications: social media, business cards and stationery, email signatures, and a website (optional).
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